Product Manager


REWORTH connects financial institutions and merchants to receive actionable data and offer cashback to end-customers via a fully-integrated API solution. Our mission is to engage customers and create opportunities for financial institutions and businesses through actionable data.

We are truly an embedded financial service provider with our API first approach that enables us to build value added services such as demand steering, business intelligence and connect 3rd party services (BNPL, payments, lending, crypto, investing, payments, business intelligence) to the ecosystem.

We participated in the Latitud Fellowship which helped us accelerate our growth and continues to give us mentoring access to the top entrepreneurs in Latam and Silicon Valley. As Head of Partnerships you will have access to those extraordinary people from the industry and a straight line of communication to the founders.

About us

We dream big, we want to change the life of millions of consumers by enhancing their experience with meaningful and relevant rewards based on our data. We are a diverse founders team that has worked and built companies before. We got together for this mission and to make it a reality! We want to build a Latin American startup that can grow beyond the continent, to

Europe, Asia, and the USA!

As an early collaborator you will be able to shape the future of our products and grow with us!

We started our journey almost a year ago, we have the funding and the paid pilots to validate further our product. Build history with us!

About the position

The successful candidate will be responsible for bringing new product lines to users in an attractive and functional way, while opening new channels and collaborating with other departments. The Product Manager will work creatively and pragmatically to conserve resources and engage the potential audience for the product line. Knowledge of key demographics and an innovative perspective on product development are important in this role. You must understand the market and distribution channels.

  • Lead the "Discovery" process, identifying those opportunities that, responding to the needs of our users, make us achieve our business objectives.

  • Evaluate the different risks of the product development process: value, usability, technological and business.

  • Define the new functionalities in the hands of the technical team, promoting collaboration.

  • Promote the Delivery process, ensuring the delivery of the team's technical developments.

  • Analyze the behavior of our users through the data, iterating to achieve their satisfaction in the most agile way possible

  • Prioritize Product initiatives, guaranteeing compliance with OKRs.

  • Keep the team cohesive, ensuring a common understanding in product development among all parties involved: product, design, technology, sales and marketing.

  • Ensure compliance with the "deadlines" and the delivery of value, by prioritizing pending work and guiding the development of functions to bring the product vision to life, always guaranteeing an excellent user experience.

  • Create and manage the product roadmap from its inception to its launch.

  • Experience of at least three years as PM, UX / UI designer or developer in technology startup with a product inclination.

  •  Knowledge of the technological Financial Sector.

  • Complete PM and UX "Toolkit".

  • Experience building products in an agile software development environment

  • Knowledge of the Lean UX or Lean startUp methodology (recommended).

  • Effective leadership skills to drive projects to completion

  • A high degree of empathy: An ability to align and relate to users

  • Data-driven mindset, you must be able to present data to show why something is being done and what is intended to be improved.

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