Mexican Credit Card Data by state

Banxico, the central bank of Mexico, shares on a quarterly basis the number of available ATM and POS (TPV) across each state.

The data source is on several spreadsheets in the following pages:


Here, we make them available after its recollection and processing for a faster analysis. On top of that we include basic spatial and demographic info, to get densities and per capita metrics

The dataset has 2624 records. The original source has no NAs or null values.


The key aspects covered by this dataset are:
- Non-human devices for operating with money: ATMs anda POS (TPVs)
- Demographic data: area, population, adult population
- All information grouped by Mexican state.


Fields include:
- ATMs outside bank
- Total number of ATMs
- State
- State total area (Km2)
- Total population as 2020
- Total adult population as 2020
- Total number of POS (TPVs)


 The original data sources are available on the following pages