Credit card data

Banxico, the central bank of Mexico, as part of its duties in monitoring the healthy development of the financial system, shares on a biannual basis information about the credit card products avaiable to the public.


The data source is on several spreadsheets in


Here, we make them avaiable after its recollection and processing for a faster analysis

The value added from the data comes from the integration of data from different credit card categories. These data are unavailable in this format and / or in an integrated structure.

This dataset has 1531 records. There are no NA or null values.

The key aspects covered by this dataset are:

  • Credit card information and types for each bank

  • Credit card fees and costs


Fields include:

  • fecha: date

  • nombre_tdc: name of the credit card

  • banco: name of the bank

  • tipo_tdc: type of credit card, grouped by credit limit as follows:

    • clasicasmenos4500: classic cards with limit range less or equal than 4500 MXN pesos

    • clasicas4501a8000: classic cards with limit range from 4501 to 8000 MXN pesos

    • clasicas8001a15000: classic cards with limit range from 8001 to 15000 MXN pesos

    • clasicasmas15000: classic cards with limit range greater than 15000 MXN pesos

    • oro: golden cards

    • platino: platinum cards

  • anualidad: yearly credit card fee

  • cat_publicidad: CAT (total yearly cost) metric displayed in the ad of the product. CAT is a standardized metric used for the comparison of products. By incorporating all the costs related to the usage of the product, it measures its financing cost in yearly percentage terms. As the CAT varies depending on the lent amount and the user profile, it varies individually, and thus here it’s shown the one displayed by the bank in its ads. It has no limit value, but most products have a value lower than 100.