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DENUE Aggregated Data

INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) is the main authority for statistics data at the national level in Mexico. Among its variety of datasets open to the public, it shares a directory of economic units along with its economic and geographical data that is updated on a constant basis.

The data source is on several spreadsheets in the following page


This data depicts the economic units and the number (split into categories) of people working in each one, together with the type of market where the economic unit is located.


Here, we make data available after its recollection and processing for a faster analysis, with relevant data aggregated at the municipality level for ease of use.


This dataset has 103406 records in total.


Fields include:
- cvegeo: geographical key of the state and municipality
- entidad: state name
- municipio: municipality name. In the case of Mexico City, it refers to its boroughs
- nombre_act: name of the activity code according to SCIAN 2018 (SCIAN, the North American Industry Classification System, is a classification of business establishments by type of economic activity in Canada, Mexico, and the United States)
- per_ocu: number of people that work in the economic unit
- tipoCenCom: type of market, mall, etc where the economic unit is located
- total: total number of economic units

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