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CoDi (Cobro Digital)

CoDi (Cobro Digital) is a platform developed by Banxico to enable electronic transactions vie mobile devices in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Banxico, the central bank of Mexico, as part of its duties in monitoring the healthy development of the financial system, shares on a daily basis information about statistics of CoDi.

The data source is on several spreadsheets in

Here, we make them available after its recollection and processing for a faster analysis

Data was originally available in a panel format, where each row represented a time period (a day), and each column represented a metric for a specific bank. For example, in "Monto procesado a través de CoDi", one of the columns was called "Monto enviado por Banco Actinver, S.A.", which showed the nature of the metric as well as the bank

In our processing, to make the variables more data friendly, we removed points, commas, lowered all cases, removed accents, and replaced spaces with commas, e.g.:

Monto enviado por Banco Actinver, S.A. -> monto_enviado_por_banco_actinver_sa

After doing so, we determined to add a column to determine the bank related to that specific metric, leaving with the variable name with the nature of the metric. As an example, the new column "monto_enviado_por_banco_actinver_sa" was split into two columns, "banco" (the name of the bank), and "monto_enviado" (the metric itself)

The dataset has 53058 records. No records were omitted from the original sources

Fields include:

- fecha: date
- banco: bank name
- cuentas_validadas: number of validated accounts
- android_enrolados: number of android devices that have been enrolled
- ios_enrolados: number of iOS devices that have been enrolled
- operaciones_enviadas: number of send operations
- operaciones_recibidas: number of receive operations
- monto_enviado: total amount sent in MXN pesos
- monto_recibido: total amount received in MXN pesos
- cuentas_que_han_realizado_al_menos_un_pago: number of accounts that have done at least one payment
- cuentas_que_han_realizado_al_menos_un_cobro: number of accounts that have done at least one collection

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