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Chief of Staff

About you

We are looking to hire key people to build the base of the organization to scale. To increase efficiency and productivity, while continuing a strong growth trajectory, we’re searching for a highly qualified Chief of Staff to support the CEO in this role.


As an essential part of the company and business & operational processes,  the position takes over responsibilities, handles other day-to-day items, and leads strategic planning processes across the company. A successful Chief of Staff should be a critical thinker, great project manager, and a detail-oriented executer always eager to learn and challenge the status quo.

Objectives of the role
  • Oversee strategic business initiatives from development through successful execution under the guidance of founders, mainly CEO (Raphael Kappeler), in connection with executive leadership team.

  • Support CEO and CRO in special Projects: an extra set of hands to help with strategic priorities on anything from Product to Growth.

  • Assist and communicate with executives in decision-making, program management, and initiative implementation.

  • Review, design, and execute on improvements to org structure, find knowledge and skills gaps and help address them.

  • Improve current processes and coordinate organizational procedures for optimized efficiency and productivity.

  •  Serve as liaison between staff, executives, senior leaders, and CEO, regarding company climate, employee well-being, project updates, proposals, and planning.

  • Oversee daily operations through collaboration with senior management and department leaders, performing an array of administrative tasks.

  • Build and develop relationships with all employees for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies, working with CEO and executives on special projects.

  • Serve as a subject matter expert, handling inquiries and developing action plans to address them, and assisting with the preparation and dissemination of communications.

  • Work on competition, partner and stakeholder mapping and analysis.

  • Support partnerships both on merchant and financial institutions.

  • Consulting experience in top firm with a focus on operations management.

  • Experience with data analysis.

  • Experience with budget management.

  • Proven success in a project coordination role.

  • Nimble business mind with a focus on developing creative solutions.

  • Strong project reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communication.

  • Open to learn, develop and change.

  • BAs or MAs in Business Administration or similar field.

  • 5+ years in a business or executive management role, ideally in startup environment.

  • Proven experience organizing and directing multiple teams and departments.

  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form.

  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity.

  • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives.

  • Language requirements: English and Spanish.

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