Back-end Technical Lead


REWORTH connects financial institutions and merchants to receive actionable data and offer cashback to end-customers via a fully-integrated API solution. Our mission is to engage customers and create opportunities for financial institutions and businesses through actionable data.

We are truly an embedded financial service provider with our API first approach that enables us to build value added services such as demand steering, business intelligence and connect 3rd party services (BNPL, payments, lending, crypto, investing, payments, business intelligence) to the ecosystem.

We participated in the Latitud Fellowship which helped us accelerate our growth and continues to give us mentoring access to the top entrepreneurs in Latam and Silicon Valley. As a senior back end Lead you will have access to those extraordinary people from the industry and a straight line of communication to the founders.

About us

We dream big, we want to change the life of millions of consumers by enhancing their experience with meaningful and relevant rewards based on our data. We are a diverse founders team that has worked and built companies before. We got together for this mission and to make it a reality! We want to build a Latin American startup that can grow beyond the continent, to

Europe, Asia, and the USA!

As an early collaborator you will be able to shape the future of our products and grow with us! We started our journey almost a year ago, we have the funding and the paid pilots to validate further our product. Build history with us!

About the position

The Back-end Technical Lead is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the software development flow in a specific context or team, while ensuring the success of the latter. We are looking for a leader that not only codes with high quality, but has also led larger teams in startups before for 5 years or more.

The team leader's duties consist of distributing tasks evenly, controlling the implementation, maintaining performance levels and training the team members if necessary. Although the team leader is occasionally in charge of writing reports, they act predominantly as motivators, supervisors and mentors. In short, the team leader's job is to ensure that everything goes

according to plan.

  • 60% Analysis, Solution and Team Management and 40% Coding

  • Test, analyze and execute current and previous versions of the product to find solutions as areas of opportunity.

  • Keep up to date on trends that may be applicable or areas of opportunity.

  • Define particular priorities to meet objectives.

  • Participate in the technical design of projects that we perform internally.

  • Work as a key piece for the support and accompaniment of developers.

  • Code development and management

  • Perform other related technical tasks that may be required.

  • Motivate others to express their opinion by letting them know details for improvement.

  • Ensure on-time delivery according to schedules.

  • Check the softwares and applications are up to date.

  • Conduct security audits to identify areas for improvement.

  • Analyze user needs and then find applications that work for them.

  • Ensue the quality of code review.

  • Delegate work and assignments to team members.

  • Develop, maintain, troubleshoot, improve and document components

  • Develop for self and others according to requirements and detailed design of the task or project

  • Work closely with technical team members provides the opportunity for the team leader to identify the strength of each member and assigns them corresponding tasks to achieve maximum results and delivery

  • Identify performance bottlenecks and discover innovative ways to resolve them.

  • Lead engineering teams of 5 or more

  • Knowledge in agile methodologies ( SCRUM)

  • Analytical thinking

  • Strategic thinking

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Desirable handling of: AWS,S3 services

  • Experience in Fintech/ Startups

  • +5 years of experiences as a Back-end Technical Lead

  • Mongodb, AWS, NodeJs, Javascript

  • Experience working remotely and by objectives

  • English advanced level

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