Accounting Manager


REWORTH is an API first company with the mission to engage customers and create opportunities for financial institutions and businesses through actionable data. 

We help banks and fintechs to activate their dormant customers by connecting them with merchants. They receive actionable data and offer cashback to end-customers via a fully-integrated API embedded in the banks app or website. 

REWORTH uses categorized consumer profiles from transaction and ticket item data to increase engagement by providing personalized cashback rewards, frictionless within the payment process. 

The API-first approach and open architecture enables REWORTH to add value added services such as demand steering, business intelligence and will connect 3rd party services (CPG business insights, BNPL, payments, lending) to the ecosystem in the future. 

REWORTH is backed by leading global investors such as ALLVP, FJ labs, Soma Capital, Gilgamesh, and Rally Cap Ventures. REWORTH was also part of the second batch of the Latitud Fellowship, which helped accelerate the growth in Latam. Read more about our latest fundraise here. 

We are a multinational and diverse team that started REWORTH mid 2020 with a complementary skill set around technology, finance, growth, loyalty and operations, with regional and global aspiration in mind. We're looking not only for the best talent but for driven entrepreneurial minded ninjas that want to change the fintech world in Latam and join us on this journey. 

About the position

Analyze and record in the system all accounting movements and transactions carried out in the company, as well as prepare reports and financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the country.

  • Register and verify in the system the movements and accounting transactions carried out in the company (payments to suppliers, bank charges, transfers, invoices, inventory, among others).

  • Prepare and present financial statements of the operations of the company, as well as review and point out the variations found with respect to previous periods.

  • Generate the information and ensure the correct calculation of the payroll (either carried out by external companies or internally). Ensure the preparation of mandatory reports required by the Law related to the payment thereof.

  • Register and balance the accounting entries and the weekly exchange transactions of payment to the banks, related to REWORTH.

  • Prepare and issue invoices for the services provided by the brands, under the approval of the direct supervisor, as well as keep track of their collection management.

  • Generate payment to suppliers under the approval of the direct supervisor (checks, electronic banking, transfers, etc.).

  • Prepare and make tax payments to the state according to the regulations established by law.

  • Prepare reports on collection management (payments made, delinquent balances, etc.) and other reports upon request.

  • File documents at your own risk.

  • Perform any other function assigned to the position.


●  Proven track record of initiating and successfully driving incremental pipeline through partner management

●  Must possess exceptional problem-solving, analytical, and research skills

●  Excellent communication skills.

●  Language requirements: English and Spanish

  • 4+ years experience as a general accountant

  • Experience in Fintech / Startups

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